Monday Briefs: Anti-psychotic drugs during pregnancy.

FDA updates warning on use of anti-psychotic medications during pregnancy.Today I came across a news report on Yahoo news regarding a recent FDA update to the pregnancy section of the label on anti-psychotic drugs. Specifically, the FDA indicates that infants born to mothers who take anti-psychotic drugs during the 3rd trimester are at high risk for developing withdrawal or extrapyramidal symptoms (atypical muscle and motor functioning).

Pot use and early psychosis: Does smoking marijuana increase the risk for schizophrenia?

The meta-analysis included 83 different studies with a total of 8,167 substance-using patients and 14,352 non-substance using patients. Note that both samples (substance and non-substance using) were patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a psychotic disorder. The study then compared the age of onset of the condition between the substance vs. non-substance using groups.

Pregnancy timing and autism risk: Wait 3 years between births to lower your childs risk?

A team from Columbia University was interested in examining the link between Inter Pregnancy Interval (e.g., time between pregnancies; IPI) and autism. IPI is important because short intervals between pregnancies (e.g., having kids too close together) is associated with specific physiological factors that have been linked to developmental problems, such as low birth weight, prematurity, etc.

While I was out: Autism, Anxiety Treatments, and how depression affects teen romance.

While I was out:1. Closely spaced pregnancies increase risk of autism.A study of over 600,000 siblings conducted by a team at Columbia University suggests that second-born children are at a higher risk for autism the closer in age they are to their older siblings. For example, siblings born within 12 months after their older siblings are over 240% more likely to develop autism than siblings born 3 years after their older siblings. The reference: Cheslack-Postava, K., Liu, K., & Bearman, P. (2011). Closely Spaced Pregnancies Are Associated With Increased Odds of Autism in California Sibling Births PEDIATRICS, 127 (2), 246-253 DOI: 10.1542/peds.2010-2371

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