From the monthly archives: February 2011


FDA updates warning on use of anti-psychotic medications during pregnancy.

Today I came across a news report on Yahoo news regarding a recent FDA update to the pregnancy section of the label on anti-psychotic drugs. Specifically, the FDA indicates that infants born to mothers who take anti-psychotic drugs [...]

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Just wanted to share some quick thoughts on a large meta-analysis that was recently published in the prestigious Archives of General Psychiatry. In this publication, the authors reviewed all previous studies that have examined the association between substance use (Cannabis, Alcohol, and other substances) and the onset of psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia). Although the [...]

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During the last decade there has been much debate about the dangers of excessive video game playing. Some have argued that excessive video game playing can become an addiction and can lead to many negative consequences. Yet, much of the research linking video game playing to negative factors had methodological limitations that prevented the researchers [...]

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The results of last week’s poll are in and the autism article won by a wide margin. So here are some thoughts on the recent pregnancy timing and autism study.

A team from Columbia University was interested in examining the link between Inter Pregnancy Interval (e.g., time between pregnancies; IPI) and autism. IPI is important [...]

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Hello everyone, I decided to briefly mention three new studies published while I was out and let you suggest which study I should discuss in more detail next week. Make sure you express your preference in the comments section.

While I was out:

1. Closely spaced pregnancies increase risk of autism.

A study of over [...]

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Hi all, I was unable to update child-psych in January due to some work-related issues, but I’m finally back and I will start posting again this week. I’m also in discussions with a number of colleagues who will write some guest posts during the upcoming months. Thank you to all the readers who sent emails during the [...]

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