Autism and ABA therapists: Why are some better than others?

Why does ABA work for some children with autism and less so for others? This question is not unique to ABA or autism. Across the board, psychological interventions do not work for everyone. In fact, most interventions that we consider to be very effective barely work for 50% of those affected.

Math is not for girls: The stereotype begins early!

What you just read is how Dario Cvencek and his colleagues at the University of Washington introduced a provocative study recently published in the prestigious journal Child Development. In the study, the authors wanted to know whether elementary school children, some as young as first graders, already hold on to the stereotype that girls dont do math. Research has shown that in the US both adults and older children believe that math is a male activity and this stereotype is believed to be responsible for the gender gap that exists in math achievement (that males tend to outperform females in math).