Hello everyone!

Some of you have been asking what I have been doing during these past weeks as child-psych has been quite quiet. Well, here is the answer: A completely revamped child-psych.org!

Child-psych has been growing greatly during the last 2 years and for a while I’ve been thinking carefully about the next step. I consulted some of you regarding what would you like to see in a new site and spent some time considering a variety of options. The result is a much improved and expanded site that hopefully will delight those of you used to the old child-psych while also providing some exciting changes. So, what is new?

1. New Image! As you can see, the new child-psych got a fashion makeover! It’s not drastic, but enough to bring the site up to date :-) . The major change came on our front page (don’t miss it: www.child-psych.org) and in the pagination of the two new blogs (see below).

2. A new writer! I am delighted to welcome Anita M. Schimizzi, PhD. to the child-psych team. Dr. Schimizzi received her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina and is a licensed psychologist specialized in the treatment of children and families. She is also the mother of a wonderful 4-year-old boy bringing some real-life expertise to the site! Dr. Schimizzi will be primarily blogging about parenting issues in our new Research-Based Parenting Blog

3. New Areas! As the portal expands, we are now dividing the site into 4 areas. The original child-psychology research blog, Dr. Schimizzi’s new Parenting Blog, a section with monthly editorials, and a new How To area where we will post more applied articles about parenting issues.

We hope that you enjoy these changes! A few more surprises are coming in the next month or so!




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One Response to Introducing the New Child-Psych

  1. JulieL says:

    Cool! I’m excited to see more articles on the blog!

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