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This morning I turned on the news and found this headline: “Pediatricians’ group finds fault with ‘SpongeBob‘” published by Reuters. In the article, the Reuters reporter states:

And Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics will take aim at the 12-year-old Nickelodeon show, reporting a study that concludes the fast-paced show, and others [...]

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The New York Times recently published an article about Junior Kumon, a Japanese developed tutoring program brought to the U.S.  The author sets the scene with a three year-old that is practicing writing double-digit numbers for which she gets a sticker when completed correctly.  Most students attend the program a couple of times a week [...]

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Imagine yourself an elementary school teacher. One of your female students fails to complete an arithmetic assignment and offers an excuse that ‘‘Girls don’t do math.’’ What might be a pretext for avoiding homework could also be the outcome of social-cognitive development. Combining cultural stereotypes (‘‘Math is for boys’’) with the knowledge about one’s own gender identity [...]

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Monday BRIEFS: Quick musings in child related research.

Fast ForWord is a series of computer programs designed to improve language and reading skills in 4-14 year-old kids with language difficulties. The system is sold and marketed by the Scientific Learning Corporation (

The system has been adopted extensively by schools across the USA, Canada, [...]

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Monday’s briefs: Quick musings on child related research.

One drawback of our culture of individualism is that it perpetuates the myth that we all have equal opportunities for success and that the only thing that is needed to achieve our goals is personal effort. The research on environmental contributions to academic and professional success strongly [...]

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Yesterday I discussed a study on the possible link between the length and weight of a baby at birth and later intellectual functioning. One of the major strengths of that study was that they examined variations in weight and height in babies born within the normal range in terms of size and gestational age [...]

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A few weeks ago I discussed a research study that examined the effects of the medication Concerta (methylphenidate) on performance variability during cognitive tasks in children with ADHD. But does this translate to improvements in school work? Does the research support the effectiveness of ADHD meds in more tangible outcomes, such as grades or [...]

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APS Convention Report #5

This post is part of a series of reports on research presented last weekend at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science.

During the past few months I’ve discussed a couple of studies on bullying, including an examination of the relationship between bullying and [...]

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