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Can depression during pregnancy impact your child’s intelligence? How about postpartum depression?

Maternal depression has some significant negative consequences on kids. Among them, some studies have shown that maternal depression may impact the cognitive development of the offspring. But it is still unknown how maternal depression impacts the child’s cognitive skills. For example, are there [...]

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During case consultation meetings at most child psychotherapy clinics, a therapist presents a case and seeks recommendations from other clinicians. The clinicians discuss the specifics of the case and then offer suggestions that could benefit the child. I remember the first year I started attending these case conferences how surprised I was at how often [...]

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Today I read one of the most interesting studies I’ve read in a while. It included an examination of the long term health effects of having a number of childhood adversities, such as divorce, abuse, or experiencing childhood depression or anxiety. Are stressful events and mental health problems in childhood associated with medical problems as [...]

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Historically, most academic and philosophical thinking about depression has been focused on sadness. For example, most interventions for depression attempt to reduce the thoughts and behaviors that make us sad. Likewise, many researchers are interested in examining the factors that make people feel sad or “dysphoric”. Yet, research studies from many laboratories, including my own [...]

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Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last posts and I have a few updates before I share with you some thoughts on a recent study on parental emotions and teen depression.

I wanted to start by thanking Dr. Anita Schimizzi, who has done an incredible job keeping child-psych running throughout the summer. [...]

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Hello everyone, I decided to briefly mention three new studies published while I was out and let you suggest which study I should discuss in more detail next week. Make sure you express your preference in the comments section.

While I was out:

1. Closely spaced pregnancies increase risk of autism.

A study of over [...]

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Psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents III: Increases in psychiatric disorders during adolescence.

Today is the third of a series of brief posts about the recent results of the latest National Comorbidity Survey (NCS).

The NCS is a large nationally representative study of over 10,000 adolescents aged 13 to 18. The study aims to examine [...]

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Monday’s BRIEFS: Quick musings in child related research.

Psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents I: Prevalence and sex differences

Today is the first of a series of Brief posts about the results of the latest National Comorbidity Survey (NCS).

The NCS is a large nationally representative study of over 10,000 adolescents aged 13 to 18. [...]

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