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I am a Harvard trained neuropsychologist who has completed training rotations in many of Boston's leading hospitals. I began my journey in the field of special education and subsequently spent several years working in autism research at Massachusetts General Hospital's Lurie Center for Autism. In my predoctoral internship at TEAMCare Behavioral Health in Lancaster PA, I practiced psychotherapy and neurospychological assessment with children and adults. I completed a two-year neuropsychology postdoctoral fellowship through Harvard Medical School at McLean Hospital's Child and Adolescent Testing Service (CATS), evaluating children and young adults with learning, neurocognitive, social, and emotional challenges. I currently maintain a part-time appointment at McLean Hospital as staff neuropsychologist in the CATS clinic. My private practice serves children, adolescents and adults with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, depression, interpersonal challenges, mood and emotional dysregulation, personality factors, and academic and career concerns.

I employ a holistic approach to each evaluation that integrates findings with various areas of functioning and how that impacts an individual's daily life. For instance, emotional well-being can impact cognitive function and aspects of cognitive function can shape perspectives and interactions with the world. Deciphering how our challenges can be both cause and consequence of our vulnerabilities can be difficult. I bring warmth, empathy, and clear expectations that allow for productive and positive assessment experiences. I strive to make the assessment process both informative and healing.

Gender: Female
License: License State: Massachusetts, License No.: 11236

William James College

Special Education Research and Policy
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Psychology/ Special Education
Grand Valley State University


McLean Hospital Child and Adolescent Testing Service

Experience years: 1 Years
Languages Spoken: English
Business Name: Karmen Koesterer, PsyD
Accepting New Patients via Telehealth: Yes
Age Group Specialization: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults
Issues and Disorders:


Contact Information
799 Concord Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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