ADHD Quiz for Children & Teens (10 to 18 years old)

Does my child have the symptoms of ADHD? How do I know if my teen has ADHD? If you feel your kid is showing substantial signs of ADHD, or their symptoms appear to be causing them to struggle with their health, well-being, or academic progress, you may want to use this free ADHD quiz as anecdotal evidence, and investigate further.


What to expect from our ADHD quiz for children & teens?

This online quiz contains a list of questions relating to real-life experiences, emotions, and challenges faced by children & teens with ADHD. Designed for 10 to 18 years old boys & girls, it may help parents evaluate if something is concerning about their kid’s ADHD behavior.

Answering these questions, consider the duration and the extent of symptoms when compared to a child without ADHD. If symptoms have only been around for less than 6 months, then it could well be another issue such as stress, anxiety or even depression.

The level may differ between every child & teen, which can make all the difference when getting a proper diagnosis. The symptoms of ADHD look different at times in teenage girls and boys. Teenage girls tend to be diagnosed with the disorder at later ages and exhibit more inattention and subtle symptoms.

You should remember that the online ADHD quiz for 10-18 years old children cannot be considered a professional or reliable diagnosis, only an indication to consult a physician or pediatrician. In order to get a proper ADHD assessment, you will need to visit a fully trained mental health professional.

This questionnaire solely serves as a starting point to discover possible answers to peculiar behavior and is based on actual tests taken to determine whether or not a child & teen has ADHD. Answering these few questions can let you correlate the results with actual testing outcomes for professional diagnoses.

Should you find that this test indicates that your kid may have ADHD, the first thing to do is NOT panic. As mentioned earlier, this ADHD quiz is not to be treated as a diagnosis for your child & teen. Only a certified professional can do that.

Your child may be going through something, often referred to as a “phase” that will likely pass. So, instead of panicking the better option would be to take your child to their pediatrician, your family doctor, or another professional who specializes in recognizing ADHD and its symptoms.

Take our ADHD quiz for Children & Teens (10 to 18 years old)

How old are your child?

When you ask your child to do something they do frequently, such as clean up their room, help around the kitchen, or take out the garbage, how do they respond?

You receive frequent complaints from your child’s teacher about their lack of inattentiveness in class.

Your child has a hard time sitting still. They tend to fidget, squirm, and shuffle a lot while seated.

Your child is disorganized which interferes with their activities at home and school. When you give them a schedule or check list to follow, what is their likely response?

When given a certain task or activity to perform, your child will not pay attention unless it’s something that genuinely interests them.

Your child has a significant lack of attention when committing to personal and academic tasks, which becomes problematic.

Your child cannot commit to one task fully before moving onto another one unless it’s related to video games or computer games.

Your child has developed a habit of interrupting others and doesn’t wait their turn even when someone is in the process of their own.

Your child finds it hard to follow given instructions and complete work in time. This is not due to a lack of intelligence nor an unwillingness to complete the work.

When faced with a stressful task, your child will give up quickly or perhaps even before trying.

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Last Updated on October 5, 2021