Autism Quiz for Teens (12 to 15 years old)

ASD is an autism spectrum disorder. It affects 1 in 59 children in America, many of whom don’t get a diagnosis for quite some time in their life. ASD is a vast spectrum, which has high-functioning and low functioning levels. While children on the lower levels of function are easier to diagnose, children on the higher levels tend to make it through a lot of their life without ever getting a diagnosis.

This is because high functioning people can be independent and learn behavioral, social, and communicative skills better. They may be able to fit in without any oddities in their behaviors being pointed out. However, a time where the differences may come out is when they are adolescents, going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. Fitting in and a sense of belonging is vital in these critical years, and if your teen has undiagnosed ASD, they may become frustrated when they can’t understand why they’re different.

There are some noticeable signs you can keep an eye out for, but remember, your teenager doesn’t have to experience every single one of these signs to be autistic. It’s a spectrum, and everyone’s level varies.

When it comes to the social and communicative construct, your teenager might focus on only one topic in their life and have trouble negotiating their stance or position on something. They may not give others turns or be overly strict in following rules. Some teenagers have a hard time reading emotions or sarcasm and avoid eye contact. If they find social interaction too overwhelming, they may even prefer being on their own.

In the behavioral field, teenager’s routines and habits might be extremely repetitive, or they prefer everything to be in a strict, orderly fashion. Teenagers may be picky about textures in food, bedding, and clothing, or they may wear inappropriate clothing according to the weather (a sweater in summer, shorts in the winter.) Your teen could be accustomed to making irregular movements or noises without realizing it.

These are all possible signs you can detect in your teenager, though they might not have all of these. If you want a professional diagnosis, then you’ll have to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. The quiz is a simplified test of autism behaviors for teens in the age group of 12 to 15.

This teen autism test is in no way a professional diagnosis, simply an indication of whether you should book a consultation or not for professional opinions. The only people who can give a proper autism diagnosis are pediatricians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Take Autism Quiz for Teens (12 to 15 years old)

Your child sees patterns in everything. (grass, wallpaper, carpeting, clouds)
Your child focuses on the bigger picture rather than the smaller details.
When in a group, your child can keep up with several conversations at a time.
Your child can resume work or activity after being interrupted.
Your child is comfortable with keeping a conversation going.
Your child is good with light conversation.
Your child played imaginary/pretend games with friends when they were younger.
Your child can imagine what it would be like to be a different person.
Your child is comfortable in highly social situations (gathering, parties, public places)
Your child finds it easy to make new friends.