Autism Quiz for Toddlers (1 to 3 years old)

Does my baby have the signs of autism? Does my toddler have autism? If you suspect that there are signs of ADHD in your 1-3 years old child, you can take our free Autism quiz to find out.


Autism Signs in 1-3 Years Old Toddlers

In some children, Autism symptoms are displayed in the first few months of life. Other toddlers don’t display symptoms until the age of two. The following list highlights some common signs that 1-3 years old toddlers may have autistic tendencies:

  • Avoid eye contact when speaking or interacting with others
  • Don’t show interest in socializing with others
  • Have a hard time interpreting other people’s emotions as well as expressing their own
  • Have delayed skills in speech and language (reading, writing, talking)
  • They ‘parrot’ what other people say rather than constructing their own answers and questions
  • Have a hard time understanding more complex emotions or speech patterns (sarcasm, jokes)
  • Have repetitive physical motions (rocking, running, spinning, flapping)
  • Have a hard time adapting to small changes in their routine

What to Expect from our Autism Quiz for Toddlers

Autism is not diagnosed through blood or imaging tests, rather it is observed over time through behavior and a toddler’s developmental progress. Not meeting the basic developmental requirements of toddlers their age is typically what indicates autistic tendencies.

Autism, if approached properly, can be detected at a young age. The common early age for diagnosis is around 2 to 3 years old, though some toddlers as young as 18 months can be properly diagnosed. When it comes to autism, the earlier your toddler is diagnosed the better. This means you can take quick action in providing them with the treatment they need.

Below is a quiz for autistic signs and behaviors to see if your 1-3 years old toddler could potentially have autism. It’s very important to note that this online autism test is in no way a proper or medical diagnosis for your toddler. This is simply a detailed list of symptoms that point towards autistic tendencies.

If your toddler has some symptoms on this checklist, then your next consideration should be to consult your pediatrician, neurologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist to get a proper diagnosis.

Take our Autism Quiz for Toddlers (1.5 to 3 years old)

Does your toddler respond to their name when called?

Does your toddler maintain eye contact when being spoken to?

Does your toddler point when they want something?

Does your child share their interests with you and mimic your interests?

Does your child pretend play or use their imagination?

Can your toddler follow your gaze when you look at something?

Can your toddler tell if someone is upset and do they try to comfort them?

How would you describe your toddler’s first words?

Does your toddler use standard gestures such as waving and signaling?

Does your toddler spend large amounts of time doing nothing productive or anything at all?

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Last Updated on October 6, 2021