Baby blues: Fathers postpartum depression affects language development.

In the latest issue of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Dr. James Paulson and colleagues published a large epidemiological study of parental depression 9 and 24 months after the babys birth. They were interested in examining the effect of parental depression on parent-child reading activities and the babys language development. The authors used a large national study of early development, which included 4,109 families with both father and mother living together. The participants completed a depression screening 9 and 24 months after the babys birth, a measure of the babys vocabulary, and a measure of parent-to-child reading behaviors.

Are Pressure Vests Effective? Why do we publish case reports?

The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders just published a case report on the effectiveness of pressure vests in engagement behaviors during a preschool class in a 57-month-old boy with a diagnosis of developmental delay. The authors used an A-B-A design, in which the researchers observed behavior changes during a baseline (A) after the initiation of treatment (B), and after the termination of treatment (A). The authors did not find any improvements in engagement behaviors with the use of the vest. Does this mean that pressure vests are not effective? NO. The data simply showed that the pressure vest did not help this particular child. Thus, we can not generalize these findings to anyone else.